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About Thrive

Although Thrive in Life 360 was created by Janice Haddon, there is a much wider team involved in the continuous development and running of it.

Our Life Balance Coaches and Nutritionists are supported by a great admin team and IT developers. We work as a team to bring the utmost creativity and support into everything that is available for you.

We are passionate about what we do and how we can help others to achieve their dreams. We all share the same values – something that brings us together and provides the foundation for how we work.


Why 360?

At Thrive in Life 360, we believe in a 360 approach to life. 360 to us, is the whole package. A holistic approach for every single person to create a healthy, happy and purposeful life.

360 means an effective combination of healthy psychological, mental and emotional health, a healthy, nutricious diet and physical fitness.

We all have different isssues on any one of those levels. It is how we approach what we have to deal with, that is the key. How we apply ourselves to whatever life has to throw at us, will result in a more positive future.

Thrive in Life 360 is designed to help you work through whatever comes your way and to have the inner strength and resilience to not only cope, but to excel, so you live the life you truly deserve.


Our Values

Respect – the core of all our interactions

Passion – driven to excel in all we do

Honesty & Integrity – the foundation of all our communication & relationships

Customer Focus – committed to the achievement of others through our service & offering

Fun – enjoying what we do, with laughter feeding mind, body & soul

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Learn from yesterday, live for today, hope for tomorrow. The important thing is to not stop questioning.'

Albert Einstein

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