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Thrive in Life 360 - Frequently Asked Questions

  • I am not sure if I should do an on-line course or a workshop?

All of our courses and workshops are different.  Workshops are run in small groups so you get more focused and personal time with the facilitator.  On-line courses can be done at times to suit you.  All have different content.  It really is personal choice, but we know that you will be delighted with either option.

  • Why should I register?

By registering to become a member you get access to a unique part of the site that is packed with interesting articles, top tips and special discounts. We constantly review all the latest thinking on health, wellbeing and positive psychology to get all the best information and advice across to you.  For as little as £5.00 per month you can join all of the other members that experience the benefits.

  • What does a membership cost?

Membership is £60 for a full calendar year – just £5 per month.

  •  What are the benefits of becoming a member?

The benefits of membership are vast, with access to all the latest thinking and current offers.  Through a secure personal log-in, you can have your own private page to record all of your goals and successes, access to your current and completed courses, as well as view all of the new things we have on offer.

  • Do you store my confidential payment information?

No.  We have an SSL certificate to ensure security on our site and all payments are collected through a secure portal that directly links to sage-pay.  

  • How do I get in contact with one of your experts?

You can book a session with one of our experts by going to the experts tab on our website.  Then just select your package and which expert you wish to book.  When your payment has been processed one of our administration team will be in touch and then we will arrange for a suitable time for your session with your chosen expert.  If you are not sure who would be best to work with, you can tell us a little of what you wish to work on and we will chose the best person to support you.

  • What is your privacy policy?

Our privacy policy is comprehensive.  We know that privacy is a fundamental.  You can view the full details under our privacy policy tab at the bottom of the web page.

  • What are your Terms & conditions?

Our terms and conditions are detailed in full and are there for your protection.  You can read them by clicking on the specific tab at the bottom of web page.

  • How do the courses work?

Our courses are all completed on-line.  Each has its own purpose and design in order for you to Thrive in all aspects of your life.  Full descriptions are provided by clicking on the ‘more info’ buttons for each course.  You can also read a full explanation of how they work by clicking on the ‘how our online courses work’ tab on the Courses page.

  • Is there a time limit to courses?

There is no time limit to a course, as long as you remain a member.  From the date of purchase you have 12 months free membership, so therefore could take all that time to complete your course.  However we recommend that you work through them by continuing regularly through each of the modules.  That way you will get maximum benefit and be successfully setting and achieving your goals.

  • I’ve forgotten my surname and/or password.

We can arrange for you to reset your details.  You can do this by clicking on the  ‘forgotten user name / password?’ tab at the top tight hand corner of the home page.

If there are any quesitons that you have that we haven't anwered, then please do get in touch by going to the 'contact us' page. 

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