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Your level of personal resilience is what enables you to tackle whatever comes your way. Without balance and core strength in your physical, mental and emotional health you can be left floundering and not able to move forward.

Having the right attitude and approach is key. How you build your resilience up to a level where you feel you can effectively handle the pressures of every day life is a fundamental.

The Thrive Resilience Model is a foundation for our 360 approach to your health and wellbeing. Using our own unique tools and approach we guide you through making the right changes in all aspects of life so you go from strength to strength.

With Premier Membership you get full acess to Thrive Resilience and a complete guided programme with new content each month on a range of topics covering all aspects of your life. Not only that, but you also get access to an ever growing community of like minded people. 

As well as guiding you through all areas of life we know how important it is for you to be emotionally and mentally strong. For you to have a simple and effective way of managing that, we have developed our unique tools based on the Thrive Happiness Audit and Essential Needs©

Your Essential Needs

Essential Needs are the emotional, psychological needs that when met, have you feeling great. Feeling happy, stress free and in balance – psychologically healthy.

Sounds great doesn’t it! So what are they?

  1. Security / Feeling Safe – in all aspects of our life, our environment, the people we are with.
  2. Being in Control – this isn’t about controlling others but feeling in control of what is going on and what we are experiencing
  3. Connection to Others – having great communication and interaction – feeling loved and wanted.
  4. Privacy – having personal time and space for reflection – time for ourselves with no one else demanding things of us. The alternative of course – is too much time on our own not being a good thing!
  5. A Sense of Status and Feeling Valued – being appreciated for our contribution in all aspects of our life.
  6. Achievement and Competence – this will boost our self-esteem - being able to cope with all we have on and achieving our goals and tasks – whatever the day has in store for us.
  7. Mental Stimulation & Creativity - Our brain is like a muscle and needs to be exercised – we need personal stretch, creativity and stimulation.


With more than 2 or 3 of these needs in levels of dissatisfaction is when you can start to feel unhappy and low. Left unchecked is when you can start to feel worse and tumble into stress and depression. Oftentimes, we can also start looking around us and blame other people close to us as the cause of us feeling low.

Our secret ingredient!

To enable you to know how to keep your Essential Needs© and your life in balance, we have a unique way of showing you how to do that for yourself. Our unique Happiness Audit© will give you the ability to know exactly where you, what needs attention and how you can go about making the right changes.

Our Premier Membership and courses built on our unique audit and Essential Needs© form the foundation of all that we do.


Essential Needs are derived from the work of the Human Givens Institute (

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