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If you are in a downsizing or restructure situation, how you treat your employees throughout the process is fundamental to your continued business performance and success. Our unique, cost effective outplacement support is the key.

A redundancy situation is stressful for everyone involved. How you treat your employees as they exit your organisation is fundamental, not only to aid those leaving to find new employment, but also for those remaining in the business. Those remaining will be observing how you treat their colleagues as they will be considering ‘next time that could be me’.

If you don’t get the process right, even the people you wanted to retain will start looking for work elsewhere and resign at the earliest opportunity. What you felt was a controlled process, could result in you losing more people than you wanted to. A poor process could result in you losing your top talent!

How can we help?

Together with our sister company, Morgan Redwood, we can design and execute the right legal process for any restructure that will enable your business to come out the other side and flourish.

In addition to support on the restructure process we also have a unique and cost effective outplacement solution.

Online Courses

Our specifically designed, confidential, online courses can provide your redundant employees with all the outplacement support that they need. Not only do we cover the traditional topics of producing an effective CV and how to prepare for interviews, but we also take a wider approach which will enable your employees to deal with the pressure of redundancy and life change and to take a positive approach to the whole process and move forward.

Your organisation will have your own Thrive Homepage, with content designed and agreed with you. Your employees then have their own personal, confidential login that gives them full access to the whole course content:

What they get:

  • How to deal with pressure and the stress of redundancy
  • Mastering mental wellbeing, positivity and confidence
  • Energy boosting nutrition
  • How to approach their job search
  • Key Networking skills
  • Market focused CV template
  • Skills & techniques for traditional plus competency interviews
  • A 360 approach for moving forward

The way the whole system is designed gives you complete flexibility over content. That way we can make sure everything fits with your culture and needs.

If you are an individual needing help with finding a new job, check out our New Job New You! Course which will meet all of your needs and see you securing your next role in no time at all.


Our one or two-day workshops will provide groups of employees with face to face advice and tuition to support them in their job search, development of a focussed CV and how to effectively prepare for successful job interviews.

Contact us now to discuss your organisations needs and how we can provide you with your own bespoke solution.

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