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Thrive Back To Work

3 Parts 20 hours

Thrive Back to Work is a unique course that will help you prepare for the job market so you can get the role you really want. With a mix of CV and interview preparation, how to deal with nerves and stressful situations and how to maintain peak wellbeing. With useful downloads, this course will give you all the tools and techniques that you need. 

Throughout this 3 part, self timed, online course, you will be guided through all aspects of getting your next great job to ensure your success. This isn't just a course to create your CV or understand how to get through an interview, this course will also teach you how to deal with any negative thoughts and potential stress. Whether you have been made redundant or are looking to change jobs, this course will guide you through every step of the way so you get yourself into the right frame of mind and stand out from the competition! 

Each of the three parts are broken down in to a number of modules that have key exercises for completion so you can:

  • Have the tools and an effective format, to create your own, market focused CV.
  • Gain practical tools and techniques for successful interviews.
  • Recognise and promote your own personal ‘unique selling points’.
  • Understand the importance of networking and how to effectively approach the recruitment market.
  • Understand the symptoms and impact of stress and pressure on your personal performance and how to conquer it.
  • Understand how your beliefs can limit your personal performance and how to get yourself back to a place of self-esteem and motivation.
  • Apply unique techniques for taking control and gaining life and work satisfaction that will allow you to Thrive!

With a mix a personal positivity, wellbeing, CV and interview preparation, Thrive Back to Work will provide you with all the tools and techniques that you need to ensure your success.

With the three parts, you will have all you need to be successful in your search.

This course is self timed so you chose your pace. We think it will take you about 20 hours to complete.

Course Contents

  • Part 1
    It is all about you!

    The modules in Part 1 will start you off on your goals, help you understand how to deal with personal change, how to keep yourself mentally and physically healthy in the process, and how to set the foundation for your job search. This part of the course will help you to build your self esteem, maximise on strenghts and achievements and set the foundation for a positive approach and a positive future.

  • Part 2
    Your Approach To The Job Market

    Part 2 will enable you to consider what kind of role you are going to go for and how best to approach the job market. The modules are broken down in to understanding your values, skills and strengths, developing what kind of role you are going to go for from all the options available, and then how to launch your job campaign. 

  • Part 3
    Landing the job

    Part 3 gives you the final steps in getting that perfect role. In the modules and sections here, you will get all the tips and format for a great CV, templates for the all important covering letters, and then everything you need to know about being successful at interviews. There are different types of interviews- standard and ‘what if’ scenarios through to competency based questions. Part 3 will give you examples of these and practice questions so you can prepare your model answers prior to arriving for the interview. Being successful is about being prepared.

    Thrive Back to Work will make sure you are prepared!

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