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To help you on your life-changing journey, we've created a unique range of coaching packages that give you the flexibility you need and ensure your success. 

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Our coaches and nutritionists will work with you over the phone or skype. Packages are designed to provide you with one off support or a series of sessions that will give you the boost you need.

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Our Packages


If you want support at any time during your membership or course and you want to BREAK THROUGH any element that you might be stuck on, this coaching session will allow you to breakthrough to the next level. The session will start with getting clarity on what you want to achieve, then with goals agreed – your life style health coach will guide you through to achievement.

1hr session

Breakthrough Plus

All the benefits of the BREAKTHROUGH in package 1 plus an additional 30 minute follow up session to provide you with that extra zest!

1hr + 1/2hr follow up


For the ultimate support for you to SHIFT and attain your goals, our SHIFT package will give you 3 x 1 hour / 1.5 hour sessions of 1:1 time plus email support in between your 3 sessions. The three sessions can be booked in to support you through a specific aspect of your membership or course or over a number of weeks to help you through a specific issue. If you chose to, you may wish to book more sessions and you can do this as you are achieving and progressing with your goals by simply signing up to another package.

3 x 1hr sessions

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